Support and Therapy Groups

Support and Therapy Groups provide survivors a space to share, learn, and support one another while developing an understanding of how their trauma-related experiences impact a variety of aspects in their lives. These groups are focused on empowerment, healing, and community. Therapists are continuously assessing needed groups related to sexual assault and trauma in our community. Please contact The Compass Center for most updated list of groups being offered and start dates.

What support or therapy groups are you currently offering?

  • Women’s Sexual Assault Psychoeducation Group
  • Women’s Sexual Assault Peer Support Group (Individuals must participate in the psychoeducation group prior to attending the peer support group.)
  • Art-Based Teen Trauma Group
  • Art-Based Young Adult Group
  • Parents of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused Support Group

Who is the Sexual Assault Support and Therapy Group for?

We welcome all survivors teens to adults.

When is the Sexual Assault Support and Therapy Group?

Groups are typically offered on a quarterly basis.  Please contact The Compass Center at 605-339-0116 for the most updated schedule of our therapy groups.

What do I need to do before attending the Sexual Assault Support and Counseling Group?

Therapy groups offered at The Compass Center are closed groups. This means survivors interested in joining us for the sexual assault support and therapy groups must set up intake screening before starting. Please call us at 605-339-0116 to schedule.