Bystander Intervention

Sexual assault prevention does not occur in a vacuum, and prevention is not the sole responsibility of the individual. To make a change, the entire community must stand together and make a commitment to each other's safety.

I am a bystander to assault and violence, how can I help?

Bystanders play an important part in preventing sexual assault and domestic violence. YOU have the ability to make someone you know safer, and it may not be as intimidating as you think. Here are some easy ways to be a Bystander that show you CARE.

  • Create a distraction. If you see a couple of people, and something seems not quite right, head over and introduce yourself and start talking about the weather… sports… local events.
  • Ask directly. Ask the person who may be in trouble, “Do you want me to stay with you?” or “Are you okay with this person?”
  • Refer to an authority. Talk to a security guard, another employee, or store manager about your concerns.
  • Enlist others. As your friends or family for support, whether it’s joining you or approaching the person you’re concerned about because they know that person.

Your actions matter, and you have the power to change the outcome of a potentially dangerous situation.