Community Education

The Compass Center is committed to educating the community on various topics related to sexual and domestic violence.

It’s Our Business  

The Compass Center offers It’s Our Business, a training for small to mid-size businesses. Businesses learn how to prevent sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence in the workplace and how to support employees who have this trauma in their lives.

It’s Our Business helps companies tackle the difficult subjects of sexual harassment, sexual violence and domestic violence before they become an issue that affects employees and the bottom line. Companies with questions like these will benefit from It’s Our Business.

  • How do we craft policies that support and protect survivors?
  • How do we keep employees and your safe?
  • How do we prevent sexual and domestic violence both in our business and in the community?
  • How would our organization handle a complaint about sexual harassment?

It’s Our Business will help you answer these questions and more by taking your employees through an engaging and dynamic conversation about how these issues impact them and your business.  We know that it’s YOUR business to hire and keep great employees, keep employees and customers safe, and do what you do best… your business.  And we want to help you do that.  Contact The Compass Center to find out more information about the It’s Our Business and how we can help.

For more information and to schedule a training, contact Michelle Trent.

What type of Community Education is available? 

Training and education are available to your place of employment, school, or community group.  The Compass Center has a variety of topics for education:

  • Working with survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence (how to help someone in need)
  • Bystander intervention
  • Stopping sexual harassment
  • General information about agency programs
  • Personal safety
  • Dating violence/Healthy relationships


Email Michelle Trent ( to request an educational presentation.

Safe Bars  

Safe Bars uses innovative bystander education strategies to empower area bar staff to stand up against sexual harassment and assault.

For more information and to schedule a training, contact Michelle Trent.