Volunteer Opportunities

The Compass Center volunteer teams are made up of over 35 volunteers from our community who want to help those affected by sexual and domestic abuse.

Rape Crisis Team

Serves survivors of sexual assault who are in crisis

The Rape Crisis Team trains volunteers to respond to survivors of sexual assault at the emergency room and also on the crisis hotline. Volunteers receive over 10 hours of training and shadow actual calls before going alone on calls.  Shifts run on Mondays – Fridays 5 pm to 8 am; on Saturday and Sunday they are 8 am – 8am. Volunteers are expected to pick up three days per month.

Volunteers provide

  • Immediate crisis response, 24 hours a day.
  • Emotional support, advocacy, information and referrals for survivors of violence and their friends or family.

Contact Kelsey (kelsey@thecompasscenter.org) for more information.

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Court Watchers Program

Serves survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence

The Court Watchers Program supports victims of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence who are in protection order court. Volunteers record judge rulings and help the Victim Advocate assist survivors as needed. Volunteers may:

  • Observe protection order court and keep a record of rulings in cases
  • Provide outreach to victims of violence before or after a protection orderhearing
  • Give survivors information about services available at The Compass Center and in the community

Contact Sara (sara@thecompasscenter.org) for more information.

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Event Team

Assist with event planning and production

The Event Committee plans our main fundraising events every year. Volunteers assist with the planning and implementation of these events. Events include:

  • The Gala, held in February
  • Dueling Duo, held in April
  • 0.5K “Race”, held in Summer

Contact Jason Lemke (jason@thecompasscenter.org) for more information.

Development / Marketing Committee

Bringing The Compass Center to the community

The Development / Marketing Committee assists the Development and Executive Directors with reaching out into the community with services available and with opportunities to give to the agency. If you are creative and enjoy marketing, the marketing half of this committee is for you! Those who love to create relationships and don’t mind bringing others opportunities to make a difference through a donation will be a great addition to the development half of this committee.

Contact Jason Lemke (jason@thecompasscenter.org) for more information.