Play Therapy

The Compass Center is committed to assisting survivors of violence throughout the healing process. Play Therapy is offered to young survivors, ages 3 to 12.

Play Therapy is a therapeutic approach that holds the belief that play is the primary language of children and the items they use in each session are the words that they choose. Play Therapy can assist children at The Compass Center in processing their experiences in a developmentally appropriate way.

At The Compass Center, children will work with a Registered Play Therapist in our playroom designed to be both welcoming and therapeutic.  Play Therapy is provided to children who have experienced abuse or a witness to violence in their homes at The Compass Center.

What can you expect a child to address while working with The Compass Center?

  • Safety – Children who have been abused are often at greater risk for further abuse. We work with children and their caregivers to provide a sense of safety and provide education on how to tell that they have been hurt or have witnessed violence in future situations.
  • Trauma – Just as adults struggle to process traumatic events, children not only struggle to understand the event itself but the big feelings that come along with it.  Play provides a developmentally appropriate way to process big feelings.
  • Feelings – During play sessions, the play therapist will assist the child in developing the ability to identify feelings in an appropriate way.  Emotions are NOT bad behavior and play therapists will assist children in how to express their feelings effectively and appropriately.
  • Build Healthy Relationships – During play sessions, children will learn that they are the boss of their body and learn appropriate body boundaries.  Through play, the therapist and child build therapeutic rapport by engaging in activities together. Therapist will provide ways caregivers can continue to build healthy relationships outside of the therapy office.

What does Play Therapy cost?

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, there is no charge for our Play Therapy services. Children are welcome to use our services for as long as they need, without ever needing to pay.

To schedule an initial parent meeting, please call 605-339-0116.