How to Train for a 0.5K Race

When it comes to supporting a great cause, you don’t have to go far to be great. In fact, a little non-athletic greatness can go a long way.

That’s why we’re proud to present the Compass Center 0.5K — “South Dakota’s Laziest Race” on July 15, 2023, at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars in Sioux Falls.

How to Train for the .5K

  1. Gather Your Team
  2. Dedicate Yourself to Training
  3. Music sounds like a good idea. 
  4. Try stretching, maybe.

Gather Your Team 

Greatness does best with company. Bring some friends to support a great cause. In fact, just go and sign up yourself and your team right now while you’re thinking about it. (Or come by yourself…this is a judgement free zone.)

Having a team will build accountability while you set your training milestones before July 15. If you want to be able to complete the grueling 0.5K course, you’ll need to in the best shape of your life. (OK, maybe not…but you’ll need to some kind of shape…round, square, rhombus, dodecahedron…any shape will do.)

“Here is an inspirational quote to motivate the 0.5K participants who really just want to support a great cause and have a beer or 3.Old Fashion at JJ’s.” – A Local Fitness Person, Probably

Make sure you like the people on your team. Actually, you don’t even need to like them. We just want you to bring them along so they also can support this great cause.

Don’t forget to actually sign up. »


Stick to a Training Plan

How long is half of one kilometer? It’s roughly 700 steps for a normal-sized human.

Dedication. Determination. Domination. Those are the three D’s that take longer to say than it does to finish a 0.5K. 

Your training plan should also include drinks at JJ’s bar, or a visit to the Boozy Bakery

Discipline is another word that starts with D, which is not really necessary for this race. 


Music Sounds Like a Good Idea

Music is helpful for fitness, we’ve heard. I can’t think of anything else to say at this point. Just go sign up for the race so you don’t forget about it. Seriously. Sign up. »


Try Stretching, Maybe

My high school gym teacher said that stretching is good to do for fitness things. We think you should try it, but don’t go crazy. 

Why stretch? You’ll need to stay limber so that you can reach out your arm and grab your participation medal at the end of the race, and then reach out your other arm and grab your beer from JJ’s. 

We’ll have a T-shirt and swag bag there for you, too. But you won’t get any of this if you don’t sign up. »


Support The Cause

The Compass Center works with survivors of sexual and domestic violence, providing therapy and advocacy services at no cost to the client for as long as is needed. Nearly 1,000 men, women, and children receive services every year thanks to generous donors. 

This ‘race’ is YOUR chance to support survivors in our community!