The Compass Center is committed to assisting survivors of violence throughout the healing process. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is offered to young survivors - ages 2 to 12, and their caregivers. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an intervention designed to reduce disruptive behaviors in children. PCIT works with the caregiver and their child together to create a positive parent-child relationship while also decreasing the child’s problem behaviors. Using observations made during the sessions with the child’s primary caregiver, the therapist can build on positive interactions and coach parents when managing behaviors. PCIT is conducted through ‘coaching’ sessions during which the parent and child are in a playroom while being observed by a therapist located in the observation room. Using a live video feed the therapist can observe the interactions in real time and using a ‘bug-in-the-ear’ system can talk to the parent as they interact with their child, coaching them. This in-the-moment coaching enables to parent to learn how to manage their child’s behavior and build a better attachment with the child. Core Features of PCIT Parent and child are seen in joint sessions focused on increasing positive interactions. The focus of the coaching is on modifying patterns of interaction by shaping the behaviors of both the parent and the child. The therapist coaches the parent in positive parenting skills. What does PCIT cost? Thanks to our donors and volunteers, there is no charge for our Parent-Child Interaction Therapy services. Caregivers and children are welcome to use our services for as long as they need, without ever needing to pay. To schedule an initial parent meeting, please call 605-339-0116.