The Compass Center’s New Mission, Vision, and Values

We will be there when a survivor is ready to tell their story and address their abuse.

From the very beginning, The Compass Center has existed to break the cycle of sexual and domestic violence by providing crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy to survivors.

To articulate exactly what we stand for at The Compass Center of Sioux Falls, we have developed a new mission statement, vision, and set of values for our community.

Our Mission

Navigating the journey to healing for all affected by sexual, relational and family trauma.

Our Vision

To empower our community to find their voice in promoting safety, preventing violence and instilling hope.

Our Values

Our core values include safety, commitment, compassion, integrity, and expertise.

  • Safety. Our main priority is the safety of survivors. We provide confidentiality, resources for safety planning, and strategies for prevention.
  • Commitment. We will do what it takes by meeting people where they are and eliminating barriers such as cost, race, religion, etc.
  • Compassion. Being empathetic, attentive, engaging, respectful, and honest are key.
  • Integrity. Each survivor is important. We will be honest and timely with our ability to help. We believe in professional ethics.
  • Expertise. Our team is innovative, teaches best practices, provides quality Sioux Falls counseling, and promotes self-care practices to provide positive outcomes.

Who We Are

The Compass Center is here to help and offer nonjudgmental support and caring to survivors who often have nowhere else to turn. It’s who we are.

We will be there when a survivor is ready to tell their story and address their abuse.

We believe. We understand. We listen.