Changes Coming to Coping Skills Class

Over the past year, the Compass Center has provided a coping skills class to members of the community on Wednesdays at 12pm via ZOOM. The Compass Center acknowledges that a live class can have its obstacles to be in attendance, so beginning in 2022, the Compass Center will be making a change to how the coping skills class is offered.

Each week, the Compass Center will be providing a post or a video on Facebook to teach a new coping skill, hosted by one of our counseling staff.

Although the Compass Center primarily offers counseling to individuals who have experienced a trauma, coping skills are helpful for ANY individual who experiences stressors in their daily lives. Coping skills are helpful to effectively respond to uncomfortable feelings like anger, sadness, and worry.

Coping skills class will not be offered for the remainder of the year as we prepare for the changes to come, but if you are looking for copings skills until then, please contact us at (605) 339-0116 or for more information.